our needs and services

What We Do


As our best source of encouragement we offer each patient a bible. Most receive a Luo New Testament but for those who don’t read Luo we provide either Swahili or English bibles. The cost of bibles ranges from $3 to $10 USD each.  ANY gift is greatly appreciated.


Supporting the medical needs of each of our patients ranges in cost from as little as $10 to $100 USD per month. When considering the 100+ patients we manage each month, the cost of medicine, tests and hospitalization varies widely.  One thing that is consistent is the ever-growing need.  We appreciate your support.

Nutritious Food Bags

FOOD IS ESSENTIAL… Since most of our patients suffer with HIV/AIDs and often some form of malnutrition, weekly food bags are a vital part of our work.  These nutritious food bags include a combination of beans, rice, tomatoes, onions, fruit, ugali flour, porridge, milk, eggs, water guard and omena (small fish). Supplies are purchased fresh and delivered each week to all of our patients. Also, we deliver special bags with extra nutrients to our sickest patients.