The Bible provides our marching orders: “care for the sick & needy in the name of Jesus.” Our best tool  for encouragement, the Bible is offered to each patient in their local language, Luo, Swahili, or English.

Invest-Info: Each Bible costs $3-10 


We provide medicine, transportation to clinics/hospitals, personal support in hospitals, treatment costs, wound care, weekly monitoring, and encouraging proper medicine use. Over 95% are HIV positive, many with other serious conditions. Most will die without our help.

Invest-Info: Medical needs range from $10 – $100 USD per month per patient.
We serve 100+ patients per month

Nutritious Food Bags

FOOD IS ESSENTIAL… Weekly food bags are a vital service since most patients suffer from HIV/AIDs and often some form of malnutrition. Bags include beans, rice, tomatoes, onions, fruit, ugali flour, porridge, milk, eggs, water guard and omena (small fish). Supplies are purchased fresh and delivered each week to each patient. Special bags with extra nutrients are provided to our sickest patients.

Invest-Info: $20 US per patient per week. $2000/month