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1Q21 – March 2021


Ombeyi with Ed

Yesterday I went to the region of Ombeyi with Pastor Martin and Mary. It was a really nice day. The first several patients lived by

Michael under the Mango Tree

Reflections From Under The Mango Tree Greetings from Kenya!  I’m currently sitting under a mango tree reflecting on my experiences over the last few days.  

Day 2 Nairobi Road and Nyalenda

Kisumu SlumsToday was much different. Much harder emotionally than yesterday. We went to the slums of Nairobi (Nigh-ro’-bee) Road and Nyalenda (knee-uh-len’da).Yesterday the countryside was

The Heart-Work of LOMAMO

Antonina...she is very weak with HIV and chest congestion. Please pray for her with us.Week after week I receive photos and stories of patients our