1st Day of Ministry: Nyahera (knee-uh-hare’-uh)

What a day! It sure is different here. So much poverty. So much need. So many sick people. Yet, so many very nice people. The area I was in today was really beautiful!

Pamela and I went with the Director of Love Matters Most here in Kenya, Pastor Martin, and another caregiver named Mary, to a mountainous region called Nyahera. The people here are a little better off than in other areas because many have personal farms and grow bananas, mangoes, avocados, corn, beans, etc. Many of them also have a cow and some chickens. But they are still quite poor.

We saw only 6 patients today. So few because you have to drive quite far between patients on dirt roads and walk quite a ways to get to the houses from the roads. The furthest we walked to one house was about a mile up a rocky mountainside.


Walking to our first patient’s home. 
Our patient, Charles, on the left, with Pastor Martin and Mary. We’re checking his meds to confirm he’s taking them as prescribed.
Charles with his mother and father…everyone is encouraged with Charles’ improvement. Incredible what 2 weeks of multivitamins can do! His appetite and spirits are revived!

All patients have HIV and/or TB. But they usually have other complications as well.

One woman was recovering from Meningitis and could not walk or talk. We provided her medicine and food and set up physical and speech therapy appointments for her. She was so grateful for the support. She both laughed and cried with us. We shared scripture with her and prayed for her. She had such joy and hope!

The woman who lived on top of the mountain had a horrible deep wound on her leg. It was very hard to look at yet she was overjoyed because the sore was so much better. The week before her knee was swollen beyond recognition. By treating the wound and giving her medication it had improved greatly. Unfortunately because the wound is so large and so deep her leg may still have to be amputated. Hopefully there will be much more improvement in the next week.

Charles, a young man we saw, had only been a patient for a few weeks. Pastor Martin told us before we got there that he had been close to death and was very discouraged. When we got there he was sitting outside and had some hope – all because he was taking his medicine and a multi-vitamin as well as eating the food we provided. He is not yet a Christian but we prayed with him and read scripture as we did with all the patients. I’d be willing to bet he will become a Christian if his condition continues to improve. He asked us for a Bible which we will bring to him next week.

The team here does an amazing job. They are so loving and caring yet tough when they need to be. They check on every patient’s medication to make sure they are taking it as prescribed. They are also checking nutritional and physical health and referring to hospitals when necessary.

They certainly are pouring out God’s love to those who really need it! It is a true blessing to be here and be part of this ministry. All of this is possible only by the Grace of God and the money raised by Love Matters Most.

This truly will be a life changing experience.

On behalf of the team, Ed Mosbaugh.


6 thoughts on “1st Day of Ministry: Nyahera (knee-uh-hare’-uh)”

  1. Thank you for your pictures and prayer requests. We are praying as you enter homes here hope and
    the love Christ is so needed. Praying for your safety and wisdom as you travel.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with your patients! I am praying for the team and them! Love and blessings to you,
    June Lake

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