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Jeremiah lives in the hilly village of Nyahera within Kisumu county. Pictured here with Caregivers, Patrick on the left and Hillary on the right. Jeremiah is 43 years old and a widower with no children to take care of him. Referred by Community Health Workers, LOMAMO caregivers found Jeremiah suffering from HIV with painful sores all over his body. By the time the LOMAMO caregivers visited him he was deeply depressed and confused.

When he told his caregivers his story… that at one point his only sister had to come to his place to keep watch over him after she was informed by his neighbors that he wanted to commit suicide…they were amazed. He was ready to die because to him, life was over. But now he has received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior! Jeremiah is very grateful to God for restoring his life and for the bible which he received from LOMAMO caregivers.

Jeremiah was enrolled in the LOMAMO program and has been improving each and every day for the last three months.

Since beginning this ministry last October, we have served 117 men, women and children. Fifteen patients died but not before nine of them gave their lives to Christ! We will meet them again in Heaven one day. Sadly, from the 15 patients who died, fifty-two (52) orphans were created.

Meanwhile, forty-seven (47) patients have become strong enough to be discharged from the program. They have returned to their families and we celebrate the prevention of many potential orphans. We thank God that these children are able to see their parents strong, healthy and able to perform their normal duties. Also notable is that more than half of our discharged patients now claim Jesus as their Savior. They are living testimonies in their communities of the Good News of Jesus Christ!



  • We thank God for the successful work of LOMAMO ministry.
  • We thank the Lord for the lives of the caregivers.
  • We thank God for the patients who were sick and now are improving.
  • We thank God for the prevention of orphans by restoring their parents’ good health.
  • We thank God for the provision of funds to operate this ministry.
  • We thank God for the lives of the board members and donors.
  • We thank God for the ability to purchase patient hygiene packs.
  • We thank God for the provision of wound dressing kits and multivitamins for patients.


LOMAMO caregivers managed to track Eunice at her home village where she was staying with her elderly mother. This after her husband chased her away from their matrimonial home because she was HIV POSITIVE and was also diagnosed with TB of the spine.

Eunice was lying on the floor of her old mother’s house looking very sick and hopeless not knowing what the future holds for her. When she told her caregivers the story of how she, accompanied by her 3 year old child, was carried by her neighbors to her parents’ home, the caregivers broke into tears. The family had very little to eat, surviving on one meal a day with breakfast which consists of only black tea and sometimes with no sugar in it.

Life was hard for the family but thanks be to God that the LOMAMO ministry came into Eunice’s life at the right time.

Eunice together with her mother had lost hope but through our weekly visits, sharing the Word of God, prayers, nutritious food and counseling for her and the mother, hope was restored into their lives.

Together with her mother, Eunice thanks LOMAMO for the full support and for providing her with her own bible which she cherishes. Through visitation and sharing the Word of God, she came to know our Lord JESUS Christ and she’s now preaching forgiveness. Eunice has forgiven her husband and is ready to re-unite with him again.


  • That all the patients who are in the program get well. 
  • For protection and God’s grace when doing his work. 
  • For all the families of the patients who were in the program and have lost their   lives. 
  • That God will provide for the 52 orphaned children we’ve identified.
  • That God continues to provide the funds necessary for the ministry of LOMAMO to help the sick and needy. 
  • That God will provide the ministry with a 4WD vehicle to reach our patients in the remote villages around Kisumu…or $15,000 USD to purchase one.


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