The Heart-Work of LOMAMO

Antonina…she is very weak with HIV and chest congestion. Please pray for her with us.

Week after week I receive photos and stories of patients our team has visited. In every case, it feels as if I am right there beside them. Sitting alongside a patient so weak they can hardly lift their head. Holding their hands and telling them they have not been forgotten…God still loves them; and he sent us to make sure they know that.

I started visiting patients in the villages around Kisumu, Kenya in 2010. At the time, I was employed by AT&T and while I felt blessed at having a good job, after doing this work in Africa, I lost my passion for telecommunications…

Now retired for nearly 4 years I feel so honored to be part of LOMAMO Foundation. Every week our team spreads out, traveling to remote villages around Kisumu. They travel far, by car and by foot, to bring encouragement, the love of God, nutritious food and hope to the sick and very poor. If needed they take them to the hospital or a clinic and monitor their progress. In every case we bring the Good News of Jesus Christ and His great love to each of our friends.

Every Monday morning here in Northern California, as our team in Africa prepares for bed, I set up a conference call with board members around the world. Pastor Martin shares a weekly recap updating us with the numbers…

*Total patients we are caring for at this time: 56

*How many died this week: None (0) – Praise God!

*How many were discharged to return to their work and families: 4;

*How many are waiting to be interviewed to see if we can help them: SO MANY.

The hardest thing we have to do in this ministry is say, “Sorry, we cannot help you at this time.” Even when this happens we still share the love of God and the gift of fellowship and encouragement, but they need more than that.

LOMAMO NEEDS YOUR HELP to reach more of God’s children who’ve lost hope.

Specific prayer requests:

1. Pray for our team on the ground; for their protection, discernment and encouragement.

2. Pray for our patients. Pray for healing and for their salvation.

3. Pray for our transportation. We are in need of a 4WD vehicle as the rainy season is bearing down on Kenya. Meanwhile, pray the car continues to run.

4. Pray for sponsors to come alongside and make a commitment to being a monthly partner. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated.

5. Pray for 14 year old Sara; recruited last Friday, she will be sitting for Grade 8 exams soon; she has TB and is worried that she cannot go to school to be prepared for the exam. If she doesn’t pass she either repeats the year or drops out and looks into trade school. Please pray.

6. Pray for a source to be identified that can donate wound-care supplies (bandages, gloves, scissors and wound scalpels, etc.) . Perhaps a hospital or clinic or a manufacturer? Let us know if you have a contact that might help.

7. Pray for speaking opportunities where we can share the inspiring work of LOMAMO and encourage partnerships. (Clubs, Organizations, Churches, etc.)

8. Praise God for the donation of many boxes of waterproof bed pads from our friends at Christ’s Hope International! We are SO grateful.

9. Praise God for the many patients who have been helped and discharged from our Program in the last 6 months.

10. Praise God for our friends still reading this BLOG! Please share!

And now take 30 seconds to enjoy this precious video of a young woman named Lucy who is very grateful for our support.

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